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Meet Nicola Buchanan

Welcome to Tribe Property Co.

We are a passionate team of Real Estate Agents selling properties on the Gold Coast.

We specialise in helping sellers secure a premium price for their property. Our clients include busy professionals and families who want top dollar. They want to secure a premium price with a great buyer.

Over the last 10 years we have worked with hundreds of Gold Coast property owners. Often achieving record prices for the sale of their property. And during that time, we have noticed that our sellers face 3 common challenges.

Firstly, they are not sure on the best way to get their property ready to maximise the price they achieve. Small tweaks can make a massive difference. Second, they are time poor and overwhelmed. Many of our clients are busy professionals and they want assistance to prepare for their sale. And finally, they are unclear on the sales strategy that will get them their premium payout. They often get conflicting advice.

To solve these problems, we offer comprehensive proven real estate sales service. We have a unique system of 18 strategies designed to achieve the best price. When we apply those strategies to the sale of your property, we ensure you get the best outcome possible.

We are on a mission to help sellers get an exceptional result on their property transaction. Too often we see properties being sold for less than they should be. Homeowners deserve to get the maximum profit possible. And this will only happen when the right strategy is used.

We are known for making the process easy and profitable for our clients. Our expertise helps them to present, promote and negotiate a great outcome.

We also aim to leave a smile on their face, knowing that they are part of our tribe of property owners who have enjoyed their sale experience.

Your Property. Your People.Tribe Property Co

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